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Janson Media distributes a variety of content, ranging from films and TV shows professionally produced for theatrical or legacy television release, to independently-financed films and videos, to influencer or creator-generated content designed for Youtube or social media platforms.

We distribute globally, but our primary market is North America. We have several distribution models, depending on production budget, quality and style of the content, its intended audience, and its prior or existing rights exploitation.

For content in demand by an American audience, we distribute to platforms that either share advertising or subscription revenue or pay license fees. In this model we acquire exclusive rights and share the revenue we receive with our content partners. This only works for the very best content for which we can project a profitable revenue stream over time, based on our experience with similar content.

For content that is more difficult to monetize we have several options. When content partners seek reach and recognition we may offer fee-based distribution in which we charge for our services. If content partners have no budget for distribution we may offer our services at no charge if we can retain enough long-term rights. In these situations we recoup our distribution cost from a royalty threshold, and only pay royalties when we reach the threshold. We also look for content that is sponsored by advertisers or brands for distribution on our owned and operated platforms.

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