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Early Project Submission Form - Radix Babylon Batch

Hello there!

Before starting please keep in mind some things regarding the purpose of this form. By completing this form you will:
● submit a sample of your Project/NFTs Collection to be reviewed by our team - you have to submit 4 samples of your artwork. Can be individual items, or items from a collection. Ex: NFT Avatars. - we need these so that we can evaluate and vote the top projects.
● apply for listing your project on our FOTON Marketplace at Launch. - if we select you for listing in the first wave of projects when the Marketplace goes live, we expect that you will have a collection Ready around that time. - you will get early access to our Creator Tools for NFTs and will be able to generate your collections in advance and Prepare them for going live on Radix babylon this summer (June-July 2023). Our intention with this Creator Launchpad is to onboard quality Projects and support them on different fronts towards building a successful Brand and Community around them. If you are going to be selected we will have to do a short KYC. (If you don't want to, you can list your project later when the platform goes live by yourself). What selected Creators get? ● Early access to our Creator Studio tool - easily create and mint NFTs on Radix DLT. ● Future proofing your NFTs on the most advanced Layer 1 DLT in the industry (Onboard Billions of users, Fast transactions, Very low fees, Easy to Use and secure Wallet, and much more). ● Foton Tokens grant - 100k FOTON - received after Project mint on Babylon ● 18 Tesseracts to be Airdropped to your Collector Profile (3pcs x6 types) via Foton Seasons ● 120 Tesseracts to be Airdropped to your community (20pcs x6 types) via Foton Seasons ● Maximum exposure on the Marketplace, front page featuring + feature in marketing materials ● Exposure to the larger Radix Community (20k+ members) and opportunity to establish your brand as on OG in the ecosystem The incentives we offer might be great for some, little for others, depending by your entry into the NFTs world, but we believe that creating on FOTON will represent a significant leap over the current industry leaders, and therefore will offer to the applicants an advantage by itself by building their Brand with Radix NFTs. We want to take away the complexities of Crypto and let you focus on what maters, your creative process. * If you have questions, please reach us on our Telegram or Discord Channels.
FOTON Team ♥️

Have you launched any other NFTs Projects before this one? If yes, what?
NFT Project/Collection Name - to submit on FOTON:
What type of project is it?
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How many NFTs will the Project/Collection have? Give an estimated number:
Project description:
Artwork samples - JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. 4 examples or more:
* By submitting this form you agree that you give FOTON Team permission to include your Project Name, Description and Artwork Samples in our Launchpad announcements or on the Foton Marketplace, in case you are selected for the Launchpad off-course.
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