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Invite and gather at least 6 people within your network, and let's get you registered to this online art of listening journey, where collective wisdom emerges with a transition towards virginal thinking.

Attendees: Leaders, individuals, teams, and communitiesParticipation: 6 - 12 people closed groupDuration: 3 hours Location: Zoom Language: English or TurkishFacilitator: Meir BenezraPrice: Contribution Balanced Participation (Explained later)
If you prefer to embark on a 1-on-1 radical intervention and change acceleration journey instead of a collective experience, check out Deepen Your Inspiration.
Watch the testimonial video in Turkish with English subtitles.

The Method

Design Playing™ methodology, developed by Meir Benezra through experiences together with international experts and children, empowers leaders to take action towards the future they want and need while embracing personal transformation.
It consists of 6 stages —Join, Explore, Dream, Design, Make and Show— and 3 chapters —Inner Inspiration, Virginal Thinking, and Applied-Dreaming— encompassing every two stages.

The Experience

This journey is part of the second chapter —Virginal Thinking.
Leave behind ego stances, debate positions, and merge in a collective focused mind leading to new insights, new narratives, or a deep cross-over of ideas.
Exercise the art of listening. Together, focus on a common articulated question and look at it meticulously with a philosophical approach. A move towards virginal thinking for a focused & effective communication.

The Mellow Flow

1. JOIN - Thought Cycle
Welcome and gather around the virtual round table. Get settled to learn about the dialogue. Start to recognize thought addiction. Begin to notice the places in our minds where we put ourselves in dead-end loops.
2. EXPLORE - Philosophical Question
Observe each other's curiosity by posing our questions that we were curious about that day, that we will talk about together. Discover the question we want to focus on and the methods in which we can approach this question.
3. DREAM - Listening Space
In the presence of a Chair, start the dialogue, where we leave our own thoughts and focus on listening to the other, where we are free from our own mind, within a safe space around a specific set of rules.
4. DESIGN - Shaping in Silence
In our silence, recollect the flow of the dialogue. Experience all that we have listened to take shape. Define the dreams and thoughts that come to the fore in our collective wisdom.
5. MAKE - Action Mapping
Via a special form of a grouping called QIVI, bring together all of the floating ideas. Take the responsibility of change by determining the actions regarding what we want to focus on in our lives.
6. SHOW - Present
Share our focuses, action plan, and experiences to draw strength from each other. End the flow with the sense of unity we discover together.
The Mellow Flow

"Innovation is the application of virginal thinking."

Meir BenezraPlay Wizard, Founder of Design Playing™

If you resonate and feel taking the step, let's get started with the registration.