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Event Interest Form

Thanks so much for your interest in hosting an event with Freehand Market! We love working with our community of talented makers, artists, teachers, and non-profits.
We have hosted workshops/classes including intro to tapestry weaving, flower crown making, mosaic pendant making, intro to tarot reading, and creative candlemaking. We have also hosted maker pop-ups (when makers set up a booth in our shop), non-profit nights (when we donate a portion of the day's proceeds to a local charity), and free community events (like a voter registration table, an acoustic concert, and a puzzle swap).
This form is a great starting place for our team to gather information about your event idea - please fill it out as completely as possible, and we'll be in touch!
Days of the week that work for you

For Workshops/Classes:

For most classes, we offer a 70/30 split with the teacher - meaning we keep 30% of the ticket price to cover our overhead, and the teacher receives 70% of the ticket price. We find this is the most fair way to ensure that everyone's costs are covered! With that in mind, what would you need to price tickets to adequately cover your time + supplies for the event?
For most workshops/classes we offer space for a maximum of 10 students, but many more hands-on classes would require us to lower that maximum. What's the maximum # of students you can teach at one time?
Have you ever taught this class before?

Thanks so much for filling out this interest form! Our team reviews these forms periodically as we plan events for each quarter. You might not hear back from us right away, but we will reach out if/when we have more questions and/or are ready to schedule an event with you. Even if your proposed event doesn't fit into our schedule right now, we are cheering you on!!