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Let's get you registered for this 1-on-1 Socratic Discovery journey, where you deep dive into your mind, and identify your thought patterns creating actionable steps towards preserving or change. Align your mind to serve you rather than you chasing your mind.

Attendees: Leaders, individualsParticipation: 1-on-1Duration: 1.5 up to 3 hours Time: Pick Your Day & Time (Scheduled after the registration) Location: ​ZoomLanguage: English or Turkish Facilitator: Meir BenezraPrice: Contribution Balanced Participation (Explained later)

The Method

Design Playing™ methodology, developed by Meir Benezra through experiences together with international experts and children, empowers leaders to take action towards the future they want and need while embracing personal transformation.
It consists of 6 stages —Join, Explore, Dream, Design, Make and Show— and 3 chapters —Inner Inspiration, Virginal Thinking, and Applied-Dreaming— encompassing every two stages.
For more info: The Framework

The Experience

This journey is part of the first chapter —Inner Inspiration.
Experience different types of breathing to explore your capacity, go into a focused dream to identify areas that block your flow, get into a mindful story flow around a philosophical question from your identified areas, map your findings/responsibilities/actions, share them with your feedback to get recorded and have your own self-guidance video for yourself.
What you will need are:1. A private space and time for the journey2. Your will to go through the journey3. Not having eaten anything for at least 2 hours4. Water5. A relaxed set-up and maybe headphones to listen to a recording privately6. Your computer and internet to connect and play 7. Making sure you have Zoom installed and learned how to use it for an effective journey 8. Getting yourself acquainted with Use the link to learn, if you are not familiar with online canvas platforms

The Mellow Flow

1. JOIN - Intentions
Welcome and gather around the virtual round table. Get settled to talk about the intentions.
2. EXPLORE - Breathing
Discover the 4 areas in your body that you can breathe into. Open up your breathing to relaxation through an opposite resistance technique.
3. DREAM - Shamanic Drum
Within the flow of your silence focus on the drum to get into a deep journey within. Discover a philosophical question around what emerges, that you want to further investigate.
4. DESIGN - Socratic Discovery
Get into a flow of back and forth questioning to better understand the extension of your question and further deepen the answer by discovering your patterns. In our silence, recollect the flow of the journey. Experience all that we have identified to take shape.
Via a special form of a grouping called QIVI, bring together all of the floating ideas. Shape all emerging questions, insights, other values, and intentions as you map and embody what is revealed. Take the responsibility of change by determining the actions regarding what we want to focus on in your life. Get ready to present your action plan.
6. SHOW - Feedback
Share your focuses, action plan, and experiences to commit your change both in your most important value and in your experience, and to draw strength from your commitment. End the flow with the sense of unity we discover together.

"Innovation is the application of virginal thinking."

Meir BenezraPlay Wizard, Founder of Design Playing™
Contact Meir directly on Instagram if you still have questions.